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how to draw a mermaid?

彩页 How to draw a Mermaid?

How to draw a beautiful mermaid? Press the ‘Print Image’

Drawing a mermaid is a fun and creative activity! Learn how to draw a mermaid in the easy way. You print this image and you can trace the lines. It's a very easy way to draw a simple but beautiful mermaid which can also be colored in or painted later! It’s simple and easy for kids, teens and adults. From today they are, since you are now able to draw a very good looking simple mermaid drawing if you follow these steps: Step 1: Start with the basic body shape. Draw a slightly curved line for the mermaid's back. From the back, draw a curved line downwards, creating the outline of the tail. Step 2: Add the upper body. At the top of the back line, draw a curved line to form the mermaid's shoulder. Extend the line downwards to create the arm. Repeat the same on the other side to complete the upper body. Step 3: Draw the tail. Connect the bottom of the back line with the tail outline by drawing a curved line. Enhance the tail by adding curves and fins. You can get creative with the shape and design of the tail. Step 4: Add details to her body and hair. Draw flowing hair that cascades down the mermaid's back. You can make it wavy or add some intricate details. Step 5: Refine her body shape and add more curves to make it look more realistic. You can add scales to the tail, giving it texture and depth. Consider adding accessories like seashells, pearls, or a crown to enhance the mermaid's appearance. Step 6: Erase any unnecessary guidelines and lines, and darken the final lines. Step 7: Color your mermaid to make it visually even more appealing. Enjoy the process and have fun with your artwork! Download this beautiful mermaid coloring page and start drawing your own mermaids today!

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